Unic URW-547

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The latest addition to the range of the mini spider cranes, the URW-547 offers extended reach, providing a maximum lifting height of 18.2 metres and lifting capacity of four tonnes as standard on the boom.


An option of additional length is given with a quickly installed searcher hook, with angles varying from 0° to 60º and a lifting capacity of up to 500kg.

  • Capacity 4.0t x 2.7m
  • Total width 1.4m
  • Max working radius 17.83m
  • Max boom length 18.02m
  • Diesel powered with addition filtration unit available for indoor use
  • Operator control of outrigger extension
  • Radio remote control as standard
  • Working area limitation
  • Slew limitation (optional)
  • Intelligent throttle activation for economy and ecology
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 36km/h, 22mph or 10m/s

Technical Data